Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon

Blog posts from the groups in the #DHH Hackathon

The Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon is a chance to experience an interdisciplinary research project from start to finish within the span of 1½ weeks. This blog gathers posts written by the hackathon participants.

Latest Posts

Text accessibility

In order to measure the accessibility of the Collective Labour Agreement texts, we used three indicators: Concreteness Lexical Diversity Readability  The accessibility of a text is defined as how difficult it is for the workers to understand the content of the text. One of the challenges we faced when calculating each measure, is that thereContinue reading “Text accessibility”

CBAQuest Final Report including Tools !

CBAQuest: Exploration of society through the lens of labour market related documentation How can text mining tools help to discover the secrets of collective agreements? Introduction The world of work is changing rapidly. These changes present new opportunities to revisit the value of collective bargaining agreements, as tools for protecting workers’ rights and as historicalContinue reading “CBAQuest Final Report including Tools !”

Parliamentary debates in the COVID times

By Isabella Calabretta, Courtney Dalton, Richard Griscom, Marta Kołczyńska, Kristina Pahor de Maiti, Ruben Ros Introduction Parliamentary debate transcripts hold a lot of information regarding the dynamics inside the parliament. Legislation is debated on parliamentary benches, resulting in rich discussions on various societal events and developments. By connecting the transcripts with political metadata, such asContinue reading “Parliamentary debates in the COVID times”


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