#DHH21 FloPo Project Final Blog Post

Research questions: Our FloPo group project focused on the following research questions; can we identify polarization within media based on time regardless of its type; how did the articulated strategies of the campaigns resonate within news journalism and social media; were there any key differences between the Tahdon2013 and the trans law campaigns, and ifContinue reading “#DHH21 FloPo Project Final Blog Post”

DHH21 FloPo Day 3+4

Last friday we set out on creating our Twitter dataset for the first citizen’s initiative campaign, Tahdon2013, and we managed to get really good results and produced our first data visualisations! We’ve been continuing our dataset building by starting to build our traditional media sources for both campaigns and we are slowly getting there andContinue reading “DHH21 FloPo Day 3+4”

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